My ability to capture a wedding does not rely on my skill with a camera, the lenses I choose or my desire to find the perfect lighting; my ability to capture a wedding is rooted in my sense of moments.

This day, your wedding day, is – up until now – the single most important day of your life, and within that day there are moments. There are moments of calm, moments of chaos, moments of clarity and moments of conquer, moments of nervousness, reverence, unrelinquished joy and moments of pure love.

Knowing when these moments are happening, when they’re going to happen and when to step in and make them happen is what anchors my ability to capture a wedding. Knowing when to film and when not to film, when to stay on the outside and when to sneak in for a closeup, or knowing when to pull the couple outside during dinner for five special minutes away from the crowd so they can have a moment, just the two of them, to soak in their day and each other.

My goal is to capture these beautiful, vibrant, energetic moments that come and go in an instant, so you can replay them over and over again for years to come.

Super 8mm Vintage Film

One feature I offer that is unique to the wedding video world is the ability to capture your wedding in the beautiful and unique medium of film. The timeless look of film captures the beauty of your wedding in a way not seen with digital cameras. With my film package, I capture your day in both a mix of digital and Super 8mm film, editing it together into a stunning final product.

If you feel I would be the right person to film your wedding, please get in touch with me and we can get to know each other a little more.